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Water Purification Equipment / Water Purifier

Water Purification Equipment Water Purification System from Torontech offers tap water inlet, integrating various advanced water purification technology and process control methods, our water purification systems can completely meet, even exceed, the pure water standard of ASTM, NCCLS Class I etc. The ultrapure water resistivity is assured to reach 18.2 MΩ-cm. It can meet the need of advanced lab water use for different purpose. It can be widely used in the field of chemistry, biology, pharmacy, medicine, microelectronics, semiconductor etc, meeting the application requirements of spectral analysis, chromatographic analysis, cell culture, protein purification and molecular biology.

We offers Water Purification Equipment Water Purifiers models: TT Alpha,TT Beta,TT Delta,TT Gamma,TT Kappa,TT Omega,TT Sigma &TT Zeta

Advantages of our water purification equipment/water purifier:

  • Super-large LCD display, display the system running state and various parameters intuitively
  • Automatic microcomputer controlling system, multi-menu operating, animation mode display
  • Fault automatically detect, automatic diagnosis
  • Water quality over standard alarm, no water alarm, consumables end alarm function
  • Consumables residual life shows, inform the user to replace consumables timely
  • 3 road on-line water quality monitoring, monitor the inlet, RO and Ultra pure water’s quality timely
  • Built-in system disinfection procedure, realize the disinfection of ultra pure water’s tube
  • Embedded sterilization program to achieve full pipeline disinfection

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