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Solid Sample Preparation

ISS Engineering’s range of Solid Sample Preparation equipments is superlative selection for sample preparation of powdered samples of raw material and final product to recognize your product quality control factors.

Suitable for application of sample preparation for below materials:

  • Minerals (Soil, Ore, Stones, Quartz, Coal, Silicate, Lime, etc.)
  • Glass & Ceramics
  • Construction materials (Sand, Cement, Brick, Clay, Granite, etc.)
  • Pharmaceutical (Tablets, Pills, etc.)
  • Agriculture (Plant roots, Stem, Leaf, Grain, Seed, Fibers, Fertilizers, Pesticides, etc.)
  • Animal tissues and Biological wastes
  • Synthetic material (Plastics & Synthetic polymers)
  • Electronic components and wastes

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