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Concrete and Cement Testing Equipment

ISS engineering offers many cement products which are built to the highest quality and standards. ISS engineering has a large range of cement products to accomplish anything you would like.

Mortar mixers should have a consistent and replicable result. This will ensure that the test results obtained by testing the mortar are founded in good science. The mortar mixers by ISS engineering offer reliability, repeatability, and consistency in mortar samples. Using mixers from this mortar mixer range from ISS engineering, it is now possible to achieve those consistent and replicable results economically and efficiently

The compression testers product line from ISS engineering offers a wide variety of that will fit almost any budget. Many of the machines we carry also offer flexure (also known as bending) testing built along-side the compression tester.

An air permeability test can be done by any one of ISS engineering’s Blaine test apparatus. We have several options to choose from including an automatic air permeability test apparatus, a manual air permeability test apparatus, a PC-controlled air permeability test apparatus. The Blaine air permeability tester is mainly used to measure the fineness of the cement, which in turn can be an indication of the speed of setting and rate of strength development.

Save time without sacrificing precision and accuracy! The Vicat test is used for testing materials that have no real melting points. The main principle is that it measures the temperature at which a flat-ended needle is able to penetrate the sample.

Air Entrainment meters from ISS engineering are used to measure the air content of freshly mixed mortar in accordance with the air pressure compensation principle.

Autoclave from ISS engineering is a pressure device with unique safety standards and TUV approval. The autoclave is a vital instrument to measure the expansion of cement when the materials are hydrated. Calcium Oxide and Magnesium Oxide both are capable of undergoing a chemical process known as hydration.

Automatic Vicat needle unit is to determine the initial and final setting time of cement, mortar pastes and gypsum according to DIN 1164/ EN196/ BS 4550/ ASTM C187-191/ DIN 1168.

The concrete water impermeability testing system is designed with many different standards in mind including DIN 1048, ISO/DIS 7031, EN-12390-8 & UNI 9533. This impressive piece of machinery comes in different models with either 3 or 6 measuring points and with or without quantitative measurement of water permeability.

The solution calorimeter is a highly desirable piece of equipment. It is capable of handing cement analysis as most calorimeters are not able to test cement. It conforms to various different International standards and fits the use of any civil industry.Another calorimeter, the semi-adiabatic Langavant calorimeter system has been designed to measure the heat of hydration. It is perfect for the cement, mortar and like industries.

Vibrating Tables are a necessary part of the industry as it is necessary to know about the properties of cement. Vibrating tables are used with various molds and conform to different standards when it comes to compacting cement.

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