Impact Testers

Impact tests are used to measure the resistance to failure of materials to a suddenly applied force. The test measures the impact energy, or the energy absorbed prior to fracture. Iss Engineering offers advanced Impact testing machines to measure that energy through drop weigh tear test and Charpy impact test. We also offer machines for preparation of specimens for these tests.

Available Products

Drop Weight Tear Tester - 80-100 KJ

The advanced and popular DWTT-API-80KJ and 100KJ Drop Weight Tear Impact Testing Machine utilizes a user-friendly and automatic feeding and control system.

DWTT Drop Weight Tear Tester

The advanced and popular Drop Weight Tear Impact Testing Machines – DWTT-API-30/40/50K series can test 10 samples consecutively.

Charpy Impact Tester For Metals

TT-PIT Series of Impact Tester for Metallic Notched Bars

High Capacity Digital Charpy / Izod Impact Tester

The TT-50 impact testers are high-performance impact testers designed to precisely determine the absorbed impact energy and resistance to breakage of plastic specimens.

Universal Charpy/Izod Analog Impact Tester

The PIT Basic Izod Impact Tester determines the energy required to break standard plastics impact specimens.

Charpy Impact Broaching Machine

CB series Charpy Impact Broaching Machine is fast, accurate, and reliable.

Impact Testing Ultra Low-Temperature Chamber

Our TT-CDW-196 Impact Testing low-temperature chamber is newly researched and developed compressor refrigeration unit according to request to low-temperature device Metallic materials-Charpy notch impact test requirement.